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What Are The Warning Signs Of Jaw Misalignment?

It is fairly difficult for most people to detect jaw misalignment by merely staring at the mirror. Misalignment is a lot more discreet from the perspective of a naked eye compared to a conspicuous overbite. However, even if you are more or less cognizant that your jaw and your teeth do not look 100% right, most people would think it is just an esthetic problem, not a medical one needing treatment.


Imagine the appearance of misaligned jaws and teeth, and then think about the different hidden regions in your mouth that crooked teeth can generate. These little gaps and ‘pockets’ are prime locations for food to become stuck, which makes it hard to brush and floss to prevent plaque accumulation. Because of this, the present plaque in the mouth can corrode the teeth and result in cavities. This proves the point that a handful of crooked teeth leads to more than merely appearance-related problems.


Headaches can be a result of a spectrum of problems – stress, hunger, dehydration and even excessive loud noise. Believe it or not, the misalignment of your jaws and teeth can also result in a throbbing headache. To be precise, the system of muscles, joints and associated tissues that joins the jaw to the skull may be the key cause of your pain. Chronic jaw pain and back pain are also possibilities you may have to deal with as a result of misaligned jaw and teeth.

Stomach issues

Can stomach issues be caused by an issue in your mouth? Yes! If you have been suffering from digestive problems or experiencing common bouts of constipation, oral misalignment may be the cause. The explanation is quite logical: if your jaw isn’t functioning properly, the food you eat isn’t being adequately chewed before entering the digestive system. Moreover, certain types of digestive enzymes might not be generated.

Most people underestimate the potentially detrimental effects of jaw misalignment. The common misconception that it’s merely an esthetic issue has to be removed to prevent the suffering that comes along with this serious problem. You may spend a lot of money trying to combat the results of jaw and teeth misalignment, instead of rightfully eliminating the actual cause of the issues.

It is never to late to get your jaw and teeth alignment assessed and treated by an orthodontic specialist. Orthodontists specialize in treating jaw misalignment and malocclusion, so you can be confident that you are in good hands!

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