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Invisalign Q & A

Itʼs estimated that up to four million people at any one time are wearing braces in the Canada and the United States. Dr. Elise Boersma and her team at Oak Hill Orthodontics know that braces have come a long way from the early days of orthodontics, so much so, that these days options such as “invisible” braces or aligners are available. The most popular of these “invisible” braces is Invisalign.

Hereʼs a list of common questions regarding Invisalign:

Are they really invisible?

Yes, the clear aligners are virtually invisible! They enable patients to feel good about themselves and their appearance, while getting the straight beautiful smile they’ve always wanted.

Are there wires and brackets with Invisalign?

No. Invisalign is truly an alternative to conventional braces. The treatment consists of clear aligners that can easily be removed and cleaned throughout the day. There are no wires, so thereʼs less poking and mouth irritation compared to braces. Thereʼs also no wire tightening at adjustment appointments, so patients donʼt have to worry about sore teeth in the days that follow in-office visits.

Iʼve heard that if I get braces, I wonʼt be able to eat certain foods like popcorn and hard candy. Is this true with Invisalign?

No. With Invisalign, there are no food restrictions. You simply remove your aligners when youʼre eating, and after eating, clean and rinse your teeth to remove any leftover food particles prior to placing them back in.

The first step toward achieving that straight, gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted is to contact us for your complimentary orthodontic smile consultation!

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